Primary Level

shield & sword design

We offer primary schools a basic introduction to archaeology which provides the children with a series of interactive class lessons and a variety of engaging hands-on practical workshops.

Our main goal is to bring history to life and create a fun and informative environment for the children. Our workshops allow children to be creative and to critically think for themselves while exploring the past. Some of the subjects we focus on  includes archaeology in the classroom, historical timelines and ancient crafts & technologies.

We can tailor make programmes for schools who have specific needs or we can provide exciting day visits which includes our most sought after workshop, The Big Dig!

The School of Irish Archaeology – Ireland’s first and only archaeology school – has specialised in educating young people about Ireland’s exciting archaeological past.  We explore this past using our most popular and sought after archaeological workshop – The Big Dig, to educate future generations about Ireland’s rich ancient culture and heritage.  It is our mission to bring the past to life, enabling young people to learn about Ireland’s past in a unique, hands-on and (most importantly!) fun learning environment.

Our Big Dig  provides such an environment – with no need for construction – this innovative workshop can be brought to schools and centres of education countrywide. Our interactive archaeological excavation offers a hands-on experience, giving students an opportunity to explore Ireland’s past with the help of a friendly team of qualified archaeologists.

As part of the Heritage in Schools panel, The School of Irish Archaeology has over fifty school visits to a wide variety of schools since the scheme began; including Harold’s Cross National School, Stepaside Educate Together School, St. Francis Junior National School (Déis) and Gaelscoil na Bóinne (Co. Meath) plus many more.

  • An Introduction to Archaeology Workshop & Display
  • The Mini Dig Excavation Workshop
  • Neolithic Clay Pot Making Workshop
  • Leather Working Workshops
  • The History of Coin Making Workshop
  • Historical Treasure Hunts
  • The History of the Bow  – Archery Workshop
  • Viking & Medieval Workshops – Shield and Sword Making
  • Ireland throughout the Ages – Timeline from Mesolithic – Present
  • Mesolithic Hut Making Workshop
  • Walking Tours & Archaeological Excursions

Please Note: Some of our staff are Heritage Specialists and are on the Heritage in Schools Scheme which is funded and subsidised by the Heritage Council. If you are a primary school you can avail of this resource.  

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Secondary School 

secondary school education program

Our programme offers students an opportunity to fully understand the fascinating subject of archaeology and its profession. Our school of archaeology achieves this by offering a variety of lessons and activity workshops.

SIA helps connect archaeology to the student’s immediate environment through the means of their history curriculum. It is an exciting and unique way to participate together in small class groups and critically think for themselves. We do this by helping them to understand the processes behind archaeology; from research to an archaeological excavation, right up until artefacts are displayed within a museum.

Our more direct, hands-on practical learning broadens the student’s awareness in the fields of archaeology, culture and heritage and also teaches tolerance and respect for the cultural diversities within Ireland.

We offer tailor-made programmes to suit the needs and budget of the all secondary schools. SIA works closely with each individual school to deliver the right programme and to ensure the students benefits most from our workshops and activities.

Our most popular workshop, The Big Dig comprises of a Simulated Archaeological Excavation in the school and incorporates two exciting full days of workshops which can cater for up to 200 students. We also have a one day option catering for a maximum of 100 students within one day.

At Junior Cycle, we are aware that the syllabus facilitates a variety of approaches to the teaching of History – for example, the use of a variety of types of historical sources. We feel that our archaeological workshop complements this approach, giving students the hands-on opportunity to experience how archaeology aids in the study of the historical past. Our Big Dig workshop also supports the structure of the History syllabus (eg: Section 1 – How we find out about the past), and would be hugely beneficial to students during their study of topics such as ‘Our roots in ancient civilisation’ – in which archaeology is used to study life and death in ancient civilisations.

  • An Introduction to Archaeology Workshop & Display.
  • The Mini Dig Excavation Workshop.
  • Guided Tour to the walled town of Trim, its Castle and the Bective Abbey.
  • The National Museum of Ireland and a Walking Tour of Dublin. 
  • Historical Treasure Hunt and Archaeological Tour of Glendalough’s Monastic City.
  • Tailor-made programmes for schools who have specific budgets and needs

Adult Education

secondary school Irish heritage culture history

SIA is the only dedicated Archaeology School in Ireland. As experienced leaders in the field of cultural heritage, we are the choice provider of a wide range of interactive workshops for the culturally curious. We provide accessible adult education to meet the individual needs of our clients. As heritage specialists we take pride in our approach by delivering fascinating, engaging and a specialised form of adult education. We cater for individuals, small/large interest groups and the culturally curious visitor.

We offer a wide range of specialised adult education such as:

  • Interactive Archaeological Workshops
  • In-House Lessons/Presentations on Irish Archaeology
  • Bespoke Cultural & Heritage Tours
  • Corporate Events

The School of Irish Archaelogy

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