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Medieval Dublin Tours

Archaeological Walking Tour & National Museum of Ireland Visit

Walking Tour of Dublin's Medieval Streetscape and most significant Archaeological & Historical hotspots. As you ramble through the city's winding streets we will take you on a journey looking at Dublin's prehistoric and medieval landscape while exploring archaeological sites such as the City Walls, Dublin Castle, Woodquay and some off-beat favourites of ours.

Glendalough Archaeology Tours Ireland

Walking Tour of Glendalough's Upper Lake & Monastic City

Take a step back in time and explore the beautiful landscape and monastic city that is Glendalough, Co. Wicklow. Experience the tranquillity and serenity once felt by St. Kevin in the 6th century and learn how the the lay people once lived and worked the lands in early Christian Ireland. Let the SIA team guide you through this stunning valley along the lakes and learn all about the people that left such an enduring mark on one of the most breath-taking parts of Ireland.

Trim Castle Archaeology Tour

Walking Tour of Medieval Trim & Bective Abbey

Join SIA on an exceptionally informative archaeological tour of one of Ireland's best preserved medieval towns. Visit wonderful sites such as Trim Castle, the largest Norman castle in Ireland, and see where St. Patrick set up one of the first monasteries in Ireland with his disciple St. Loman. Move onto Bective Abbey where you will hear about the legacy of the Cirstercians who founded this monastic site where you can explore a maze of passageways and interrupted staircases. Learn about all the archaeological excavations that took place in Trim and Bective Abbey from one of the actual archaeologists that worked on them. Gain a true insight into Trim's past and rich archaeological heritage.


Walking Tour of the Hill of Tara

Explore a site of incredible significance which dates back to the Neolithic period and which is one of the best preserved multi-period sites in Ireland. Visit the Mound of the Hostages where you will experience stone age art similar to that of the kerbstones at Newgrange. Even though the halls and palaces, as described in early Irish literature have long since disappeared, you will come to understand the royal history of this stunning site, taking in the panorama that was once viewed by our ancestors.