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Primary Level 

We offer primary schools a basic introduction to archaeology which provides the children with a series of interactive class lessons and a variety of engaging practical hands-on workshops.

Our main goal is to bring history to life and create a fun and informative environment for the children. Our workshops allow the children to be creative and to critically think for themselves while exploring the past.

We can tailor make programmes for schools who have specific needs or we can provide exciting day visits. 

To download our Primary School Programme please Click Here

Some of the workshops we offer are listed below:

  • The Big Dig Workshop
  • The Mini Dig Excavation Workshop
  • Leather Working Workshops
  • Neolithic Clay Pot Making Workshop
  • The History of Coin Making Workshop
  • An Introduction to Archaeology Workshop & Display
  • Historical Treasure Hunts
  • In-house class Lessons - Mesolithic - Present
  • Walking Tours & Archaeological Excursions

Secondary Level

Our programme offers students an opportunity to fully understand the fascinating subject of archaeology and its profession. Our school of archaeology achieves this by incorporating a series of class and activity lessons.

These activities include our Big Dig activity which comprises of a Simulated Archaeological Excavation in the school and incorporates two exciting full day excursions which include trips to the walled town of Trim and its Castle, the National Museum of Ireland and a Walking Tour of Dublin 

This programme helps to connect archaeology to the student’s immediate environment through the means of their history curriculum. It is an exciting and unique way to participate together in small class groups and critically think for themselves. We do this by helping them to understand the processes behind archaeology; from research to an archaeological excavation, right up until artefacts are displayed within a museum.

Our more direct, practical and hands-on learning, broadens the student’s awareness in the fields of archaeology, culture and heritage and also teaches tolerance and respect for the cultural diversities within Ireland. This programme is a perfect introduction to archaeology and the cultural and heritage sector within Ireland. 


To download our Secondary School Programme please Click Here



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